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ESSENTIAL INFORMATION / Essential Information
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Essential Information

 Tivoli Wood flooring engineered design makes it exceptionally stable. In other words, movement, expansion and contraction are kept to an absolute minimum. Tivoli Wood specialises in high quality solid and engineered oak flooring at the best prices. Available oiled or without oil, works with underfloor heating. Environmentally friendly wood flooring from sustainably managed forests, FSC.


 Our flooring is the safest choice for new developments where there may be higher than normal levels of moisture and humidity.



 Tivoli Wood prices include delivery to destination.


 All deliveries are made by one of our international haulage partners in a 40 foot curtain side lorry. On-site assistance with unloading will be required.


 Please advise us if there is limited access to the delivery address.


 Delivery time is on average 3 weeks.


 Please inspect the goods on delivery and sign the drivers delivery note. Tivoli Wood will need to be advised of any damages within 24 hours of delivery. Please email


 Tivoli Wood accepts no liability and costs for late delivery.


 We suggest that you do not book your installation work until the goods have arrived.



 Deliveries are made to kerbside only or nearest hardstanding with suitable access.


 Unloading must be done by workmen at the project site. The driver will not assist with the manual unloading of the goods.




 In the event of any goods proving defective, retail customers are entitled to Statutory Rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1893 as amended by the Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act 1973.


 Tivoli Wood is not liable for incorrect storage or installation of the goods or by lack of correct carte and maintenance.


 In any event, the liability of Tivoli Wood is limited to the value of any goods which prove to be defective.


 Where the buyer has used or installed the goods this confirms the clients acceptance of the goods notwithstanding any quality defects or failure to correspond with the specification as ordered. If this situation arises then the buyer waives the right to make any claim against Tivoli Wood.


 Where any valid claim in respect of any goods which is based on defective quality or condition of the goods or failure to meet the specification ordered by the customer, Tivoli Wood shall be obliged to replace the goods free of charge or at the sole discretion of the customer, refund to the buyer the price of the goods. (or a portion thereof) but the company shall have no further liability to the buyer.


 It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the site conditions are suitable for the installation of wood flooring and that Tivoli Wood recommendations are observed. Tivoli Wood accepts no liability responsibility for the workmanship of the installer.



 Installation of your wood flooring should be planned as close as possible to final completion of the project. If the floor is installed too early in your project, it will be at risk from high moisture levels as well as damage by tradesmen.

 The flooring screed should be left to dry for 28 days.


 To test for moisture, a simple surface Hygrometer test should be carried out.


 Moisture tests can only be carried out on a cold screed. Allowance should be made for the screed to cool down prior to moisture testing.

 The maximum Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) as specified by Britich Standards is 75%.


 Underfloor or central heating systems should be working for at least fourteen (14) days prior to the installation of the wood floor. To avoid excess humidity levels, ventilation should be used when necessary.





 Tivoli Wood should be installed as one of the last jobs on a refurbishment project.


 The floor should be protected from moisture damage and potential damage from other tradesmen working on the project site. Strong paper sheets sealed with tape at the edges will prevent damage.




 Concrete base should be completely level. Often an additional layer is applied on top of the concrete base and this is called the screed.




 Floor surface temperature should not exceed the industry standard of 27 degrees Celcius after the installation.




 We do not recommend UFH systems that incorporate an air gap in their design.


 In our opinion, UFH works best when heat transfer is by direct conduction.


 In systems designed with a airgap between the concrete and the wood floor, warm air can escape though unsealed cavities which reduces the effectiveness of the underfloor heating system.



 Provision for some small amounts of expansion of the floor should be allowed for.


 Your installer should make sure that there is an expansion gap around the perimeter of each room and doorways. These expansion gaps can be concealed by skirting boards.



Your wood flooring needs to be protected from Water, Grit and Heat.


 Water causes decay, staining and structural problems.


 Grit will causes scratching of the floor.


 If you have underfloor heating ensure that any rugs allow the heat to flow through the floor. Failure to do so may cause problems to your floor.




 Chair and tablelegs should be fitted with protective pads to stop scratching of the floor.


 Caster cups should be placed under furniture caster wheels.


 Tread mats should be placed close to external entrances to protect floor from water and grit.


 Stilletto heels damage wood floors.