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FLOOR FINISHES / Floor Finishes
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Floor Finishes

 Classic Hard Oil Berger Seidle

Classic Hard Oil

Shelf Life:12 months
Dry Time:10-12 hrs

Roll, Brush


£15.30 + VAT per 1 litre

£76.50 + VAT per 5 litres


No-polishing deep impregnation with uniform matt look. Made on basis of oils and resins from sustainable raw materials; HardOil will be rolled in 2 coats with intermediate sanding.

 Classic Base Oil Berger Seidle 

Classic Base Oil

Shelf Life: 24 months 
Dry Time: 24 hrs 
Application:  Trowel 

£29.25 + VAT per 1 litre

£145.35 + VAT per 5 litres

Description: Colourless deep impregnation for hardwood floors and other wooden surfaces. Produced on basis of natural, sustainable raw materials. Can be combined with oils, oil/wax systems and with selected hardwoodfloor finishes made by Berger-Seidle. 
 Berger Primer E Moisture Barrier Berger Seidle 

BergerPrimer E

Shelf life:  9 months
Processing / Laying Time: 20-30 min

Fit for further work:

4-6 hrs
Application:  Roll
Price: £64.35 per 4.5 kg 
Description: 2-component primer on the basis of high-quality epoxy-resin raw materials. Free of solvents, saponification-resistant and non-shrinking. Functions as moisture barrier.
 Berger Bond M1 adhesive Berger Seidle 

BergerBond M1

Shelf life:  6 months
Processing / Laying Time: 50-70 min 

Fit for further work:

12 hrs 
Application:Toothed Trowel 

£107.55 per 17 kg 

Description: 1-component adhesive on the basis of high-quality silane-modified polyurethane raw materials; hardelastic. Per DIN EN 14293 this adhesive is suited for the nontension gluing of 10mm solid wood flooring, mosaic flooring, strip flooring and prefinished wood flooring. Suited also for the gluing of most exotic woods and industrial wood flooring. BergerBond ® M1 is solvent-free, contains no water and is suitable for chair casters. BergerBond ® M1 allows loss-free, quick and secure gluing.